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Almost from the first day League of Legends opened their ranked section, people have been buying and selling a service named Elo Boost — or Elo Boosting if you want to be more exact. Summoners got tired of being stuck in elo hell and decided to buy lol boosting to both improve their gameplay and to raise their LoL elo. A lot of players argue that elo hell does not exist, but almost all boosters agree that it does, and all because of the simple fact that if you are a player who belongs in GOLD, but you are stuck in silver, it is very hard to carry yourself out of your elo, mostly because your teammates argue, flame and they might not be good enough to help you carry the game. But if you are a diamond skilled player who is stuck in platinum, it is much easier to carry yourself up, because the other platinum players will cooperate more than most silver players will. Of course, this is all relative, and there is a lot of controversy about this subject. No one can agree on if elo hell actually exists or not.